With a combined 68 years experience between Owner and General Manager, Metal Fabrication and Art, LLC provides the following industry molding/casting options:

  • Lost wax investment, solid mold, and sand castings
  • Polishing and post processing
  • Pouring of Ferrous, non-ferrous alloys, and super alloys
  • Three 10 ton Wax injection presses and One 35 ton Wax injection press
  • Marine hardware custom manufacturing of high precision Stainless Steel, Bronze and Brass.
  • Melting capabilities:
    // Vacuum induction melt furnace 24-inch pass-through with 150 pound melting capacity
    // Vacuum induction melt furnace 30-inch pass-through with 300 pound melting capacity
  • Software: Siemens NX PLM software, SolidWorks and Rhino
  • Rapid proto typing: 3D printing and all CNC processes
  • Air Melt Induction furnace with up to 300 pounds for ferrous alloys and non-ferrous
  • Gas furnace up to a 700 pound capacity for non-ferrous alloys
  • Resistance furnace up to a 300 pound capacity for non-ferrous alloys
  • ISO 9000 and AS 9100 under implementation